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Let Homeopathy hold your hand

We are all feeling the stresses and strains of life during this pandemic. Here in Auckland, we are coming up for twelve weeks in lockdown. It has slowly been driving so many people crazy, who may be losing their business, or just unable to see loved ones or have any degree of freedom. Even simple things like getting a hair cut, is not possible.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and we recognise that stress can bring on physical symptoms or make them worse. Homeopathy works with any condition, physical and mental and can work alongside conventional medicine. It has no side effects and can work very quickly to improve your condition. If you think you might be a difficult or unusual case, then often Homeopathy holds the answers.

Feel free to call for a chat, to find out how we could help.

Kate Fitness BSc RC Hom

Registered Homeopath

021 973213

or leave a message here.

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