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A Homeopathic Philosopher R. Sankaran explains this well:

“A fundamental principle of Homeopathy is that it treats the patient as a whole and as an individual. There is no medicine for any particular disease, but there is a medicine for the patient suffering from the disease. The Homeopath takes into consideration all of the symptoms that distinguish a person as an individual. The Homeopath enquires into the details of the patient’s past and family history, their appetite, thirst, sleep patterns and most importantly the persons temperament.

The mind and body are interlinked.. the mind and body symptoms are to be taken together to form a portrait of a disease. The present problem of the patient is not usually an isolated occurrence. It is part of a sequence."

Using this idea, the Homeopath builds up an accurate picture of the person’s condition and finds the best remedy or remedies to move a person forward out of their state.

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Dispensary  The dispensary of Homeopathic remedies and products such as topical creams, for injuries or eczema or other skin issues. Homeopathic remedies cover chronic conditions but also acute conditions, such as coughs, colds, headaches, rashes, aches and pains.


The Dispensary works by emailing or calling.


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